Fat people are often stereotyped as frumpy, dowdy, and not just ugly, but the kind of ugly on purpose that comes of being badly dressed. But Chris Wasserman rejects that stereotype. Every day is an adventure in fashion, and she defies the notion that larger women can’t be beauty trailblazers. 

For those excited about the long list of designers and sites we talked about, here they are: 

Lane Bryant
Cynthia Ashby
Universal Standard
Tuesday Bassen
Sock Dreams
Blue Moon Designs
Timeless Trends
Cutting Shapes Club

What Does "Healthy" Mean?

Jennifer Hudgens’s weight has fluctuated by hundreds of pounds, depending on the medication she’s taking. Taking medication to solve one problem can cause a host of others, and our fractured healthcare system can make it difficult to understand the ramifications of our doctors’ decisions. How do you prioritize which parts of yourself get to be “healthy”?