• The Stories We Tell About Ourselves
    Philip Barragan is the Los Angeles-based author of Fatizen, a graphic novel about a dystopian future where the diet industry is a part of the government and carrying excess pounds is a criminal offense. Barragan is a longtime fat activist, and talks about the way we talk about fat in the media.
  • Sort Yourself Out
    Rich Thomas’s doctor told him “Walk around a retirement community. There aren’t any people your size there.” It was the push he needed to make big changes in his life. 
  • Fabulosity
    Fat people are often stereotyped as frumpy, dowdy, and not just ugly, but the kind of ugly on purpose that comes of being badly dressed. But Chris Wasserman rejects that stereotype. Every day is an adventure in fashion, and she defies the notion that larger women can’t be beauty trailblazers.  For those excited about theContinue reading “Episodes”
  • Big Energy
    The worst thing you can call someone is “fat,” because it’s the last thing most people want to be. And yet, for people like Samantha Stiers, living in a larger body is both comfortable and comforting.
  • Dieting as Self Love
    Most of us diet because we’ve become unhappy with something – our looks, our health, the feedback from our friends and family. We suffer through diets so we can achieve an ideal look that for most is unattainable. But for Ella Weaver, dieting is the latest step on a journey of self acceptance, and anContinue reading “Episodes”

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