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Your Fat Friend


Your Fat Friend writes anonymously about the social realities of life as a very fat person. Her work has been translated into 19 languages and covered around the world.


graphic novel series by Philip C. Barragan

FATIZEN explores an intolerant world that takes an extremist idea and lets it play out for all to see. Sixty years in the future, the diet industry becomes the most powerful branch of the federal government. The rights of the obese are slowly diminished, and then the rebellion begins. But could you maintain a low Body Mass Index if it was law? What if your life depended on it?

Health at Every Size


Health at Every Size principles help us advance social justice, create an inclusive and respectful community, and support people of all sizes in finding compassionate ways to take care of themselves.

Chris Wasserman on Instagram

Chris Wasserman knits, cooks, and puts together fabulous outfits. Check her style!

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