Philip Barragan spends his days at the County Health Department, working towards healthcare for all. Philip completed his MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University Los Angeles in 2011. His debut dystopian novel Fatizen 24602 was published by Branch Hill Publications in 2015, and is the basis for Fatizen, the Graphic Novel, released in July 2017. Hear his episode The Stories We Tell About Ourselves.

Jennifer E. Hudgens is a poet from Oklahoma City. She is completing her MFA in poetry at Oklahoma state university with plans to attend the PhD program in the fall. That is, if the world doesn’t collapse. She thinks diets are dumb and fat is not a bad word. She hopes you’re taking care of yourself. Hear her episode What Does “Healthy” Mean.

Lara Mckusky

Lara McKusky is a creatrix of art, stories, a feminist agenda, a long distance relationship, and children. Charting her own life course with a vengeance. Hear her episode Control.

Samantha Stiers is a writer from Boulder, Colorado. Her work can be found in Conjunctions, DIAGRAM, and other magazines. Hear her episode Big Energy.

Rich Thomas is a husband, father, tech program manager, amateur photographer, blogger, former podcaster, and roller coaster fan. Hear his episode Sort Yourself Out.

Chris Wasserman is an IT worker by day, pushing against blandness in the workplace. A former jeweler, Chris now spreads her creative efforts around many craft practices, but mainly manifests as knitwear designs in recent times. She uses knitwear as an expression of flair and to fill a gap in fashion available in larger sizes. Hear her episode Fabulosity.

Ella (Willy) Weaver is a nonbinary femme from the Deep South. By day, a human ATM machine, and by night a renegade crafter, Willy tries to cope with their myriad of existential crises by crocheting dog sweaters and embroidering vulvas. They currently reside in a Richmond, VA apartment with 33 plants, 4 animals, and 3 other adult humans. Hear her episode Dieting as Self Love.

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